What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is a broad discipline which includes biological anthropology—the study of humans as biological animals; cultural anthropology—the study of humankind in a cultural perspective; archaeology—the recovery and interpretation of ancient human cultural remains; and linguistics—the study of language in culture and society.

The undergraduate major provides for extensive study in cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Majors who develop a particular interest in one of the subdisciplines may pursue a concentration in that area, or they may choose to take electives in multiple sub-fields. Majors have opportunities to work closely with members of the faculty on current research projects in the lab and in the field. Internships in various agencies are also available.

Anthropology as a major prepares individuals to pursue many avenues of career development. It is the basis for a career as a professional anthropologist. Anthropology combined with other courses of study as double majors enhances career possibilities and professional development. There are, moreover, increasing opportunities for anthropologists to work in government agencies, non-profits, and business. In such settings, anthropological knowledge of biology, culture, and long term patterns of cultural change may be applied to the solution of human problems.

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