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Becky Carroll, 2015

I graduated in May 2015 with a BA in Anthropology from UNCG. Going into college I knew I wanted to be an anthropologist. It was my dream to study bones and one day work in the Smithsonian. Over the course of my college career I worked as a Resident Advisor for UNCG’s housing and residence life, as well as in the Anthropology department with Dorothy Davis. The summer before senior year I travelled abroad and attended a month long archaeology field school at Thornton Abby in the UK, where I took part in excavations of a hospital site and mass grave.

I decided to take two years off before heading into grad school so I could explore different career options and find what really drives me. I am currently working for Amazon as a manager in Logistics. I accepted the job shortly after graduation and since then have been traveling all over the US. Having a background in Anthropology allowed me to connect with my international teammates and contribute with different points of view.

I have used my knowledge of cultural anthropology to build a strong team among both the managers and associates. Anthropology has fostered in me a love of travel and the desire to be involved with the world around me. I am currently living 45 minutes from DC and enjoy visiting the Smithsonian at every chance I get. I cannot wait to see what the next two years bring, and what opportunities will unfold!

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