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Anna-Kristina Hoffman and her internship with Preservation Greensboro

Student’s Groundbreaking Research Provides New Perspectives on Warnersville  

UNCG Community Garden: Sharing the Harvest

UNCG News posted this story November 22, 2022 about the UNCG Community Garden and the Anthropology department.  Read more about […]

Attention All Arch Majors: NCAS Fall Dig 2022

Dr. Cassie Workman: Space, Place and Justice

Where were our students this summer?  

Archaeology Club Presents: Caesarea, Isreal: History, archaeology, and More! with Dr. Asa Eger.

Meagan Ferguson ’23 in Olduvai Gorge Summer 2022

Them Bones: Clues Unearthed about Prehistoric Predators and Human History

This month, anthropologist Dr. Charles Egeland at UNC Greensboro and his collaborators published new information about the eating habits of […]

Maegan Ferguson ’23 Won 1st Place at the 16th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo

The Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo took place online again this year. Participants uploaded video presentations to the URSCO Virtual […]

Spring 2022 Faculty Conferences

Spring 2022 will be busy with most of our faculty attending in-person conferences across the country starting at the end […]

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