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Dorothy Davis

Dorthy DavisSenior Lecturer
Cultural Anthropology
M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email: ddbruner@uncg.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Teaching Anthropology
  • Identical Twins and Identity

Courses Taught

  • ATY 100: Contemporary Nonwestern Cultures
  • ATY 212: Introduction to Anthropology
  • ATY 213: Cultural Anthropology
  • ATY 312: The Anthropology of Children
  • ATY 315: World Ethnographies

Personal Statement

At the beginning of my career, I was interested in the study of human sexuality, reproduction and demographics. I started teaching in 1972. After many years teaching a variety of introductory courses, my research interests have become focused on the pedagogy of anthropology. While undergoing training to become a scuba instructor, I was intrigued by how the education courses were set up to incorporate recent research on how the brain worked. I have since explored this relationship and its application to teaching anthropology classes. Most of my articles and presentations in recent years have reflected this interest in pedagogy. In 2003 I started a new area of research in collaboration with my identical twin sister (also an anthropologist) on issues of identity among twins.


  • Cultures in Contact .  (Kendall-Hunt, 2008).
  • A Study Guide to Nonwestern Cultures.  6th ed., (Kendall-Hunt, 2010).


  • Dona Lee Davis, Dorothy Irene Davis, 2010. ‘ Us-Them, I-We and Me-You: navigating the hyphens of identity and alterity among sets of identical twins’, in Sigfrid Gronseth and Dona Lee Davs (ed), Mutuality and Empathy: Self and Other in the Ethnographic Encounter, Sean Kingston Publishing, pp.122-142. (view PDF)
  • Dona Lee Davis and Dorothy Irene Davis, 2010. ‘Dualling Memories: Twinship and Embodiment of Identity’ in Peter Collins and Anselma Gallinet (ed.), The Ethnographic Self as Resource, Berghan Books, pp.129-149. (view PDF)
  • Dorothy Davis, 2009. ‘Teaching the Nacirema about the Nacirema’,Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes, Commemorative Issue; Fall 2009. (view PDF)

Current Projects

In 2012-13, Mika Cohen Jones and I created and gained approval for a new Learning Community in Anthropology for freshmen. This community integrates the introductory courses in cultural and biological anthropology with a new Integrated Studies Lab (ISL) section focusing on anthropology and science fiction. Our new Learning Community is named the “Apeman to Spaceman Community” and we are teaching it for the first time Fall semester 2013.

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