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Dr. Harriet Kupferer was our first department head from our inception in 1973 through 1980.  Dr. Kupferer started at UNCG in 1961 and worked at the university for 23 years. The Kupferer fund was established by Dr. Kupferer to fund travel for faculty, staff, and students and is still used today to ensure our faculty, staff, and students have opportunities to present papers at Conferences, enhance their professional development, and further research in their fields. 


Dr. Mary Helms-Van Stone started her tenure at UNCG in 1979 as the Department Head for Anthropology and continued in that capacity until 1986.  She retired from UNCG in 2005.


Dr. Joseph Mountjoy became the Anthropology department head in 1986 after starting his UNCG career in 1969.  He worked in the department until 2000 when retired splitting his time between Greensboro and Mexico.



Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald was the Anthropology department head from 2001 until 2004.  He started his tenure at UNCG and officially retired in 2005 after 35 years at the university.


Dr. William Coleman started at UNCG in 1971 and worked in the Anthropology department until his retirement in 1998.


Dr. Ronald McIrvin worked in the Anthropology department from 1968 through 1996.


Dr. Mary K. Sandford started working in the Anthropology department in 1998 and retired in 2007.



Dr. Linda Stine worked in the Anthropology department as the Program Chair for Archaeology and retired 2023. Find out more information about Dr. Stine here

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