Welcome to the Anemone 3-D Imaging Lab at UNCG’s Department of Anthropology where we use digital photography, photogrammetry, 3-D printers, and surface and CT scan technologies to model and analyze 3-dimensional form of bones, fossils, archaeological artifacts, and even geological and paleontological localities. Our main research applications of 3-D technology are in the following areas of analysis:

                      Papio anubis cranium

  1. Skeletal morphology of fossil primates and other mammals, including the extensive samples our field teams have collected from Paleocene and Eocene deposits of the Great Divide Basin in southwestern Wyoming,
  2. Skeletal and functional morphology of living and fossil humans, non-human primates, and other mammals,
  3. Geologic and stratigraphic modeling of paleontological localities from the Great Divide Basin.

We also incorporate these technologies in our teaching of a number of undergraduate classes including Methods in Biological Anthropology (ATY 361), Human Evolution (ATY 455) Zooarchaeology (ATY 477), and Human Osteology (ATY 453) in which students gain hands-on expertise in creating and analyzing 3D virtual models of bones and stone tools.

We encourage any UNCG student with an interest in learning and using these cutting-edge digital technologies to contact us about volunteering in the 3-D Imaging Lab.

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