Recipe for Success Research and Field Experience

RECIPE FOR SUECCESS conducts community engaged research in Guilford, Forsyth, Rockingham, Stokes, Davidson, and Randolph Counties in North Carolina. We conduct community engaged research with our partners, including Title 1 Public Schools, youth education centers, senior centers, public libraries and residential communities, as well as online through our social media platforms. 

Our community engaged research evaluates the connection between exposure to nutrition, gardening and physical activity education and behavior change related to eating habits, physical activity habits, and related behaviors. Our curricula and programs focus on health and wellness by providing developmental, self-sustaining food skills and knowledge. Our nutrition educators work with both children and adults through interactive lessons, workshops, cooking demonstrations, food sampling, and information dissemination at local health events or farmer’s markets. 

The RFS research and field opportunities provides students with experience using anthropology to deliver nutrition education to individuals and families who are receiving or are eligible for assistance from the USDA, Supplemental Food Assistance Program.  In addition to assisting with educational activities, the student will keep a field diary, help collect program data, and provide an assessment based on their experience with RFS.  

Fill out the volunteer/internship/independent study form on our website under the “Volunteer” tab. 

Volunteer commitments require less than internships, although attendance of RFS’ weekly staff meetings is highly encouraged if not required for both commitments. 


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