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Impact due to COVID-19 (Updated 5/10/21)

We, Recipe for Success, will continue to evaluate our practices and procedures to ensure we are following the latest prescribed national, state and local protocols to help mitigate the spread of the virus while protecting our program communities and educators. Below is an outline of our current procedures. We will continue to update program protocols as needed.  

Face-to-Face Interactive Curriculum Classes and Program 

Currently, most face-to-face interactive curriculum classes and programming are still postponed due to the COVID-19 cases in NC – preventing  partner organizations to open their doors and/or allow access to community members and visitors. For partners and communities with internet access, we shifted most face-to-face programming on Zoom and/or recorded our curriculum classes so that our participants and communities can enjoy our programming in the comfort and safety of their homes. For other partners and communities with no internet access but have social media accounts, we are recording and sharing our cooking and meal planning classes via Facebook.  

Some of our partners, who have opened their doors to their communities, are allowing us to resume our face-to-face programming with health precautions – strict mask and physical distancing guidelines. Please check our calendar to see if we are teaching our in-person programming in your community. 

Farmer’s Markets and Events  

We are working and will continue to work with our partners at farmers’ markets and events, as long as our partners ensure the enforcement of strict mask and physical distancing guidelines. To continue minimizing the risk of spreading the virus, we will only distribute printed resources and information; no food or drinks will be provided during these events.  

Online Resources and Social Media 

We use Facebook, Instagram and email to share nutrition information, partner and program updates. We will continue to host live and pre-recorded cooking and meal planning classes; and use these platforms to share ways to receive cooking, gardening and exercising materials and tools such as water bottles, cutting boards and aprons through our organization. In response to the pandemic, we developed a series of monthly emailed newsletters designed to give our subscriber, up-to-date information, tips and suggestions on the following topics:  

  • Gardening
  • Meal planning, shopping, cooking and food safety
  • Physical activity & reduce intake of sugary drinks
  • Basic nutrition to help make healthier food choices

New subscribers will receive free gardening, meal planning and/or exercising materials and tools. To sign up for these monthly newsletters, please click on the link here. Subscribers will receive monthly information, tips and suggestions regarding the topics above. These emails are designed to help our subscribers in their daily routines and provide featured recipes to share with friends and family!  

Gardens and Gardening

We are working and will continue to work with our partners in their community gardens. Our partners and garden facilitators must implement social distancing practices and ensure enforcement of strict mask guidelines to minimize viral spread.

Non-Discrimination Policy


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