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Southeastern Section GSA – 2016

Established in 1888, The Geological Society of America® provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors: academic, government, business, and industry.

The Society’s growing membership unites thousands of earth scientists from every corner of the globe in a common purpose to study the mysteries of our planet (and beyond) and share scientific findings.

The Southeastern Section was established in December 1947, but did not hold its first annual meeting until 1952.


The Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America


Columbia Convention Center

1101 Lincoln Street,

Columbia, South Carolina 29201


March 31 – April 1, 2016



Robert Anemone

B Nachman


RL Anemone, CW Emerson, B Nachman (2016) Gepospatial paleontology: Developing and testing new approaches to locating vertebrate fossils.


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