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Spring 2022 Faculty Conferences

Spring 2022 will be busy with most of our faculty attending in-person conferences across the country starting at the end of March 2022.

Society for American Archaeology Conference

Chicago, IL March 30, 2022 through April 4,2022

Dr. Donna Nash

Dr. Joel Gunn

Dr. Charles Egeland


Society for Applied Anthropology Conference

Salt Lake City, UT March 22, 2022 through March 25, 2022

Dr. Susan Andreatta

Dr. Cassandra Workman

Samira Dahdah, Recipe for Success

Miranda Preddy, Recipe for Success

Sage Mohan, Recipe for Success

Kalyn Milot, Student

Mia Hoskins Alumni


American Association of Biological Anthropologists

Denver, CO March 22, 2022 through March 27, 2022

Dr. Charles Egeland

Dr. Gwendolyn Schug


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