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Stephanie Brabec, 2015

Back in April of 2015, just before graduation, I started working for the Latino Community Coalition of Guilford (LCCG). By the time that I officially graduated with a BA in (Cultural) Anthropology and Spanish in August of 2015, I had also started to work with another nonprofit called Casa Azul of Greensboro.  I was intrigued by the opportunity to work with the LCCG and Casa Azul since they work with a similar demographic, but have different focuses.  The coalition focuses on education, advocacy, and networking to help provide resources to the Latino community.  Casa Azul, however, promotes Latin American art and culture by hosting events that are open to the public.  As the only staff member for both the LCCG and Casa Azul, I play a variety of roles as the administrative assistant to contribute to those missions.

As both organizations work with the Latino community, I am consistently able to apply aspects of both of my liberal arts majors to my current positions.  Apart from having the opportunity to use my Spanish language skills, I am able to apply an anthropological perspective to the many issues facing the Latino community.  I have also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to become more integrated into Greensboro itself primarily through the events and meetings that we hold that are open to the community.  In addition to working for these two nonprofit organizations, I have made my way back to UNC-Greensboro’s campus, and am also working at the International Programs Center (and yes, that is job number three!).

I feel that my time studying abroad for a year in Toledo, Spain, and writing my thesis in anthropology helped to prepare me for everything I have done since graduating.  The global and big-picture perspectives that I acquired through such activities continue to guide me towards choosing a career that will allow me to give back to others and improve conditions when possible.  The skills in time management that I gained by pushing myself to be involved in both academics and extracurricular as a student have proven to be invaluable as well. Currently, I am searching for master’s programs that will enhance my ability for critical thinking, and prepare me for a career in higher education or the nonprofit world (that’s the most recent plan, anyways).  It is often difficult to narrow down my interests to choose which path to take next, but I’m confident that I will be able to live a life that is both fulfilling and productive no matter what I choose in the end.

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