FormLabs Form 1+ 3D Printer

This is a 3D Printer that uses stereolithography to make physical, three-dimensional prints of the models that are created in the lab. Stereolithography is a method of printing in which the print is produced, slice by slice from bottom to top, by stacking thin layers of plastic on top of each other. This particular printer uses a photo-reactive resin, which cures in the presence of a laser housed within the printer itself. When the laser hits the resin, it hardens, and this hardened resin will constitute one layer of the model, and each successive layer of resin will be hardened on top of the previous layer until the model is formed.

FormLabs Website

Help with FormLabs 1+ 3D Printer: Support Section of FormLabs Website

The support section of the FormLabs website provides a very useful way to get answers on preparing the 3D printer, performing a print, and going through the post print steps, as well as connecting you to the support staff at FormLabs if the question you have is not answered.


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