NextEngine 3D Scanner/ RapidWorks

A 3D scanner is used to transform an object into a 3D model. This is done using a laser that is passed over the object you are trying to scan, and a sensor on the scanner is able to pick up the laser light that is reflected off of the surface of the object, and the system is then able to use to calculate the distance from the object to the scanner. Multiple scans are done on the same object, exposing all surfaces to the scanner, and using ScanStudio and RapidWorks, these scans can be fused together into a 3D model.

NextEngine Website

Help with NextEngine Scanner: Useful Instruction Guide for First Time Users

This is a good jumping off point for first time users of the NextEngine 3D Scanner, there is a more detailed instruction manual in the lab for students to reference while working.

Help with RapidWorks: Video Tutorial for Finishing Models using RapidWorks

This is a useful video recording of a webinar in which the use of RapidWorks to clean up models created with the NextEngine Scanner is discussed in detail.

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