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Student Anthropological Society

If you want to get the most out of your education in Anthropology and really get to know the faculty and other students in the Department, you need to consider becoming an active participant in the Student Anthropological Society (SAS) at UNCG!

The Student Anthropological Society is a recognized student organization at UNCG. SAS is open to all UNCG students with an interest in Anthropology and includes majors, minors, and non-majors. We actively promote education, professionalism, and fellowship within the department and include both faculty and students in all our activities. These activities include cultural dinner outings, monthly “tea-talks” during which faculty and students can present their research, visits to museums and archaeological sites, and special guest lectures by anthropologists from inside and outside of UNCG.

The Society serves as a forum for students and faculty to discuss anthropological topics and to promote interest in and understanding of all of the subfields of Anthropology. Active members are not only vital to the club’s livelihood but also serve as ambassadors for the department and the field to other students and the community in which we live and attend school.

Spring 2021 Meetings


  • President: Peyton O’Neal
  • Vice-President: Ciara Aumend
  • Secretary: Nimra Haider
  • Treasurer: Kailey Marshall

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cassie Workman

For more information please find us on Facebook, come to our weekly meetings, or email Peyton O’Neal.

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