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Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

Contact OARS if you need to participate online or quarantine.

Contact OARS if you anticipate any disability issues related to format, materials, or requirements of your courses.

You may request accommodations at any point during the semester.

Access this online form if you feel sick or experience COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, or someone in your household has COVID-10 symptoms or has tested positive.

Student Health Services

Contact Student Health Services for medical advice if you feel ill or were exposed to someone with COVID-19.

All individuals are required to wear face coverings in classrooms, lecture halls, and any other instructional areas and campus locations.  Click the link provided for the UNCG Face Covering Policy.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities can be accessed at the link provided.  This webpage provides information on the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy.  You can find up-to-date information regarding changes to these polices during disruption of normal operations due to Covid-19.

6-Tech Support

Students and faculty can access 6-tech for assistance with computer issues concerning online teaching and course access from home.

Students seeking information about computing services

The ITS webpage provides Technology Policies including Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources, Security of Networks and Network Data, and Policies Related to Technology at UNCG that will be helpful for students navigating through policy changes during Covid-19.

Student Services

A full selection of services that are readily available to online students including New Student Transition and First Year Experience, Student Success Center, Cloud File Storage Options, and many other important links for students to access during the semester.

Speaking Center

The Speaking Center helps speakers further develop their own oral communication confidence and competence by providing consultation support and instructional workshops.  The Speaking Center will be online during the Fall 2020 semester to provide speaking support for students during Covid-19. 

3211 MHRA

Writing Center

The Writing Center focuses on feedback with one-on-one consultation but also online consultations.  You work one-on-one with a writing center consultant who will guide you through your writing process focusing on feedback. 

Fall 2020 Opens August 31st for online sessions

3211 MHRA

Digital ACT Studio

The Digital ACT Studio supports students, faculty, and staff to create digital projects including slide presentations, video projects, podcasts, websites and anything else digital.

320 College Ave.

Lower Level, Jackson Library


The Tutoring Center is part of the Academic Achievement Center.  The Tutoring Center is available for many 100 and 200 level courses.  You can use this link to request tutoring through the Academic Achievement Center.

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