Anthropological Research at UNCG

The faculty at UNCG are all active researchers with a wide range of interests and expertise within Anthropology.  The following is a sample of the research that is actively being carried out by the Anthropology faculty at UNCG.

  • Cultural Anthropology
    • Agriculture and foods production systems in US and Peru (Andreatta)
    • Applied anthropology (Andreatta, Murphy)
    • Social networks in relation to grief and recovery from disasters in Mexico (Murphy)
    • Issues of identity among identical twins (Davis)
    • Water, Sanitation, and Health in Africa (Workman)
  • Archaeology
    • Social inequality and material culture in Southeastern US (Stine)
    • Historical archaeology of farmsteads and plantation in NC (Stine)
    • State development and imperial expansion in the Andes (Nash)
    • Power and political economy in the archaeological record (Nash)
    • Historical archaeology of Old Salem (Hughes)
  • Paleoanthropology
    • Paleolithic archaeology in E. Africa and Eurasia (Egeland)
    • Zooarchaeology and taphonomy (Egeland)
    • Human and primate evolution in Africa and the American West (Anemone)
    • Geospatial approaches in paleoanthropology (Anemone)
  • Biological Anthropology
    • Human and primate growth and development (Anemone)
    • Race and human diversity (Anemone)
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