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Jessica Haynes

The fact that Jessica Haynes wandered early in life with her military family was certainly one reason she eventually chose Anthropology as a major. Her time at UNCG gave her a nodding acquaintance with all four fields, which made her work better and gave her something to talk about at parties. In her 2 years at UNCG she took a wide range of classes such as Medical Anthropology, Lost Tribes and Sunken Lands, and Anthropology of Disasters; outside of class she participated in the excavation of a Spanish colonial fort in the North Carolina foothills and co-wrote a paper on the political economy of disaster resilience. Since graduation she has worked as a field supervisor at the Berry Site, a researcher for a public nutrition education program, head of marketing for an LLC, and most recently with FEMA at the Center for Disaster Preparedness. In each of the these positions, anthropological methods have elevated her work and illustrated the value of Anthropology

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