Archaeological Field Schools: 2020

At UNCG’s Anthropology Department we encourage our students to study abroad and to experience anthropological fieldwork during their undergraduate careers. 

During summer 2020, faculty members Dr. Donna Nash and Dr. Charles Egeland will once again be leading international archeological field school experiences (6 credits) for our students (and for students from other universities).

fieldschool1Contisuyo Archeological Field School in Peru (June 14–July 26).

Dr. Nash’s course will focus on learning archaeological laboratory analysis techniques with half the time focused on artifacts and fauna and the other half devoted to human remains.

Contact Dr. Donna Nash for further information.

Apply online by clicking here.

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fieldschool2Paleoanthropological Field School at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (June 15–July 16)

Dr. Egeland’s course will involve excavation, survey, and analysis of paleoanthropological materials from one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. 

Contact Dr. Charles Egeland for further information.

Or apply online by clicking here.

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