Research Laboratories

The Department of Anthropology has a number of different labs where students and faculty work together on a variety of research projects in all areas of Anthropology, as well as a teaching lab in Room 140 of the Sullivan Science Building.

  • Zooarchaeology Lab (Dr. Egeland, Graham 405)
  • Osteology Lab (Dr. Egeland, Graham 408)
  • Biological Anthropology Student Research Lab (Graham 408A)
  • Cultural Anthropology Student Research Lab (Graham 414)
  • Historic Archaeology Lab (Dr. Stine, 842C West Gate City Blvd)
  • North Carolina Archaeology Lab, (Dr. Hughes, Graham 418)
  • Water, Anthropology, Sanitation, and Health Lab (Dr. Workman, Graham 449)
  • Project Green Leaf (Dr. Andreatta, Graham 449)
  • 3D Imaging Laboratory
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